Parents in the first pagesĀ 

Child/parent relations is one of the most obvious themes within the first 100 pgs of One Rainy Day In May – book 1 of The Familiar.

In what may be meant as a mock ratings page (consider that MZD has made reference that this epic is fashioned after TV episodes), along with R(rain) S(signiconic) V(violence) P(planetarity) there is a C which stands for (custody).  Though there is no divorce, it is possible that Anwar has legal Custody over Xanther because of her real father’s death (Dov).  If this is what C(custody) is referring to, it makes following observations all the more important.

Twin Rivers Ochre Artifact – here are two pre-modern children that have lost their parents (and others? (everyone) to a large predator (two immense eyes).  

The first real chapter of the book (is everything okay) is an interaction between Xanther (daughter) and Anwar (father).  It ends with a very daughter father ish interaction, but ultimately the chapter is punctuated by a very. obvious.  in your face. Solitaire…

Dov is Xanther’s biological father; he has recently died.  This obviously weighs on Xanther’s mind (“tell me your daydreams…””Dov”).  

Dov is talked about again while at the Square One diner.  Xanther and Anwar’s relationship is very strong, but the thoughts and conversations  on Dov are also full of emotion.  

In the second chapter (lupita’s) we first meet one of our main characters, Luther, but maybe more importantly we meet his mother (mother figure?).  The fact the we first meet Luther at his mother’s, and that they have such a prominent and interesting interaction is very telling that she is important to who Luther is and that their relationship will likely carry weight later.  

Their dynamics are fun.  His Mother is a drug dealer? Gang boss? And he seems to be a leader of a gang as well.  He finds comfort in being able to stay at his mothers house, and she seems to take a motherly liking to it as well.  They have a cute but tense back and forth about him having a key to her house.

We still haven’t met Xanther’s mother (my favorite character).  

The first 100 pgs. of the Familiar is full of child/parent relationships.